5 Ways to Make Traveling so more Meaningful

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Increasingly more and more people are doing just traveling. It seems people have realized that traveling is the spiritual needs that must be met. In fact, there are also making traveling as a new lifestyle.

Whatever the purpose of someone doing the traveling, basically traveling is about leaving home to go to a new place where we will be guests at the venue. So, as a guest, it’s natural we maintain the attitude and behavior.

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Traveling is right of all people. Unfortunately, many interpret the word “rights” here as something that is incorrect. Many novice travelers too much do without rights obligations. A traveler should be responsible for the cleanliness and beauty of a tourist spot. A traveler also has no right to pick up and do something that is not supposed to be any.

But, there is still an awful lot of novice traveler who makes traveling activities as style in order to exist in social media. Check-in here and there, showing off photos of it. A rare traveler who actually take the meaning of a journey.

Rarely does not mean no. A true traveler will make traveling as a media study to better interpret the life and get to know the world. For you who want to interpret a trip, here are 5 ways that you can do.

  1. Destination Nowhere

Okay, it is a matter of traveling to a new place and determining a goal that should be compulsory. Enjoy your journey and find meaning in every moment that you pass. Whether it while boarding or while eating in a dining area. Meaning a trip just does not often appear in the destination but the journey to the destination.

  1. Avoid staying in hotels

It is indeed a legitimate fine for those who have plenty of budget for hotels to stay traveling. But, if the context is about finding the meaning of a journey, stay at the hotel seems not the best option. Too much glitz will make traveling so lost.

There are many ways to spend the night, in addition, for staying at the hotel. Set up a tent or stay in homestays may be so interesting options. For the tent may not be too many problems because we can integrate it into my backpack and set him anywhere we want. For homestay, this perhaps slightly needs the struggle to find. As a reference, perhaps you can find the website homestay Airbnb. Airbnb is the site of the rental trip. Airbnb users can find homestay, apartment as well as a model for other non-hotel lodgings. Of course, with a stay at this kind of places will make traveling becomes more memorable and personal.

  1. Minimize your comfortable

First of all, you must understand that a traveler and a tourist is two different things. Here the meaning is different in terms of personality and behavior. Tourists usually prefer something nature disorganized. For example, they prefer travel holidays are structured. The objectives, schedule and where the place of stay, all should be clear. Thus, most tourists prefer to travel using the services of trip organizer holidays through tour packages.

Differences with the traveler. Traveler usually has characters that are more “messy”. They are less like something which is less formal and regular because basically they are the soul of a free spirit. If you are admitted to a traveler, sure you prefer the behavior of the second.

  1. Without Smartphone

Smartphones are the most faithful travel companion. Especially for those who do not have a camera. It should be recognized. But, constantly holding a smartphone while traveling is heavy blunder. We will lose the essence of travel.

It’s a natural thing to show the existence of the self in the era of social media as it is now. But, we also need to know portion. We will not find the meaning of a trip simply by posting photos on Instagram scenery. After all, the trip was supposed to be enjoyed, not “exhibited”.

  1. Make your journey personal

Make travel personal probably the best way to discover the meaning of a journey. Personal here means we are trying to get closer to the lives of the people in the places we visit. Always interesting to read the stories of someone who “find themselves” while traveling. Conducting personal journey can be done by avoiding something that is hedonistic. If you really want to get the real meaning of the trip, try occasional traveling alone.

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