Tips To Create Space Inside Your Closet

It is an art to decorate your closet and keep  maintain it. If you have a small wardrobe then do not be dishearten. It does not mean the last thing in the world. With some tips and tricks you can have a closet that would have enough space to accommodate all your stuff. You would be able to manage your clothes well. Mentioned below are some of the tips that you can take up to provide space in your closet:

Remove the extra clothes from your wardrobe

You must regularly discard the clothes that are not used by you. You do not wear them and would not wear further. Many a times we keep our old clothes in the hope of using them again with the return of fashion. In case if the same trend is back then also those clothes are not worn. They look very out dated and old. It is better to remove such clothes without much of pondering. With the change of fashion trends we keep buying new clothes therefore it is wastage of space by keeping the clothes that you do not wear any more. Start hanging the clothes according to the order they are bought. It will be easy for you to sort out and to decide on. Donate the clothes if they can be worn by someone in need.

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Clean the closet regularly

Do not keep the clutter if the closet is small. Unwanted plastic bags, shoe boxes, empty jewelry boxes etc should be sorted and thrown out of the closet. Do not procrastinate and be punctual in sorting such stuff out of the closet. Decide smartly and keep the clutter away.

Keep using the closet door

It is good idea to use the doors of the wardrobe. You can put hooks on the doors or you can also put the rods on the doors. Use the space for hanging the belts, accessories, scarves, sling bags etc.  You also install the shoe organizers at the door will have shoe storage. This also ensures that you make use of the available space to the maximum.


Keep the clothes according to the season

The trench coats, warm pullovers, sweaters that are used in extreme winters can be stored neatly after the dry cleaning in some fancy storage units outside the closet. They can also be kept under the cloth organizers under the bed. Select the clothes that will not be used in that month and store somewhere else. This will leave lot of space for the clothes you will be wearing in that month.

Generate hanging space

Create more of the hanging space for clothes. The clothes folded and kept on the racks occupy more space than the clothes put in the hanger. Insert temporary rods or double hanging space inside the closet. You can also put the adjustable hanging rods inside the wardrobe to maximise the space. If it cannot be installed then insert it by the using rope and hanging hooks inside the wardrobe.

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Maximize use of corners

Do not leave the corners unused.  Corners are at times neglected or used for clutter. Remove the clutter if any. Use every bit possible space. Install corner shelves to store the stuff. You can also use the hanging rods in the corner. Put a rotating rack in the corner. It can store lot of small items neatly. It is used very conveniently.

Insert a shoe rack

Get a shoe rack installed at the bottom of the closet. It can be sliding or the still rack. You can store pair of shoes neatly and out of the shoe boxes. This storage is very helpful in organising your shoes if you cannot store them outside if your wardrobe.


Keep small organisers

Use box shaped organisers to keep your undergarments, handkerchiefs, hand towels etc. This would save lot of space. You can take the stuff out whenever you want to use without creating mess inside the closet. This will also save your time on organising other clothes again while taking small things out. Keep back the organiser after you take the things out.

Organising the closet in wise manner will save your time and energy. It also creates space inside the closet.

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How to Care For Your Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is also called as garden furniture or the outdoor furniture. This furniture is made of weather resistant material to be used outside. The patio furniture is used for outdoor seating. It generally consists of long seating chairs and a table. This table is used to keep the meals and snacks. You can relax and converse in your garden or outdoors while having some snacks.  You can get addicted of having the barbeque in your garden area. A parasol or garden umbrella is used to keep the sun away. Lot of shade can be gathered through this. These parasols are manufactured in a way that they are easy to move around the seating arrangement.

Buying and maintaining the patio furniture can cost you huge amount so it very important to take good care of the patio furniture.  The clean looking patio will look great in the garden. Regular cleaning will keep the dirt and mold at the bay. If the mold collects then it can make place risky. You can have sudden accidents due to the slippery surfaces. Do the regular cleaning to keep the furniture tidy.

garden furniture decor

There are many kinds of patio furniture but all require regular cleaning. Whatever is the type of furniture, there are two methods used for cleaning them. First is the traditional method of cleaning that involves soapy water and hard bristled brush. It is done manually. You need to clean the furniture to remove the dust and dirt from it. Then clean it with soapy water and use the hard brush to remove any kind of marks or stain. Use little clean water to rinse the portion. Since this a manual method, it requires lot of strength. You can also use the pressure washer and a special patio cleaner attachment.

To use the patio cleaner and the pressure washer follow the below mentioned steps

  • First, clean the area that is patio furniture to remove any trapped dirt inside it.
  • If you find weeds in the space, clean the weeds before applying the pressure washer.
  • Now use the specialist patio cleaner on the surface. Use it as per the instructions. Follow the instructions.
  • Rub the area by scrubbing it using the pressure washer and patio cleaner as an attachment. With the agitation the dirt is trapped out and removed.
  • Now refill the pressure water with the fresh water to rinse the area.

use patio cleaner

There are many kinds of patio furniture and you can choose according to your budget. You enjoy the summer and spring time at patio. You like to have parties with friends and family there. Once this time disappears you go indoors. It is necessary to take care of the furniture even if it is not in use. This will keep the furniture clean and long lasting. You can use it year by year. Mentioned below are the tips to care for different kind of furniture.

Tips to care for aluminum furniture

It is easy to maintain the aluminum furniture. Clean it with gentle soap solution. Rinse it with the clean water and dry it with towel. Do not rub it harsh. Do not use hard agents to clean the surface such as bleach. If you notice any kind of calcium deposit then clean it up with vinegar and water solution. If you are not going use the aluminum furniture indoors then keep a check on your furniture. There should not be any scratches or chipping on the furniture.

If you find any then get it repaired by painting it yourself. You can also contact the manufacturer in case you cannot mend it. If you are plan to leave your furniture outdoor even if not in use then wrap it in water resistant material. It is better to keep them indoors in the off season so that their life increases.

Tips to care for the plastic furniture

Plastic furniture is very light weight. It is easy to clean the furniture. Wash it with soap and water. Let it dry completely. You can store it in your basement or attic at the beginning of winter season. You cannot leave it at patio. The furniture can fly away or damaged with the winter winds. It is necessary to store them. It is stacked and stores. It would not occupy great storage space as it is stacked.

Tips to care for wicker furniture

Wicker furniture requires special care.  Regular vacuuming is required to keep the furniture clean and moist free.  The deep cleaning is done by using ammonia and water. You need to mix two table spoons of ammonia and water.  The quantity of water will be a gallon. Now use a damp cloth to remove the ammonia from the furniture. Do not keep the furniture in extreme temperature.  Store the wicker furniture in a completely moist free place.

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Vertical Gardens – cater to the small space at home             

Those who are living in a comparatively smaller area or apartments and wish to have a green space in your home, then you are looking in a wrong dimension. Yes, we have one more dimension which can be occupied for the purpose. The concept of vertical gardening is greatly helpful for such plant lovers.

Vertical gardens can also cover an unattractive wall. Vertical gardens also called as green walls. They are not just useful for small spaces but are highly appreciable for beautification of indoors. Having lush green walls with live growing beautiful plants are best home decor.

Vertical gardens for home

What are vertical gardens?

Structurally vertical garden is a series of containers arranged vertically to fill a vertical space. If you want to make it a low budget then you can use a variety of materials available easily in our households like, old plastic bottles, canvas shoe organizers, old pallets or clay pots make good containers You can also buy vertical garden kits from the market or improvise with just about anything. Now you need to decide the place vertical garden has to be installed. A strong support system is required to save the vertical garden from falling.

What Can You Grow In A Vertical Garden?

Surprisingly variety of plants can be grown in a vertical garden. The vertical gardening can be done for different kinds of Flowers, vegetables, herbs and ferns. Different variety of plants can be grown to make your vertical garden look more colorful.

Climbers are another good category can be used for vertical gardening or green walls. Climbers can be ideal for spaces where you want to create shade because your support can extent vertically and as a canopy above your head. One of the ways to have your support is buying a garden arch. You can also seek guidance from the nursery or the gardener to have a best type of support system. Some gardens grow best on a trellis whereas other gardens may need mesh, a chicken wire or a “ladder” to climb.

design Vertical gardens for your home

Growing an Indoor Vertical Garden

Before planning an indoor vertical garden your two major concerns are proper sunlight and drainage. Plants can be easily grown in artificial lights but that would need extra care as plants will require light up to 16 hours a day for growing.

A vertical garden should not always be against a wall. There should be a water-catchment area or some other source to have water. There are many ways of having vertical garden. A homeowner can have a garden on a coffee table. One can also apply the idea for having a separate personal area from living area. Vertical garden is a beautiful divider or privacy screen. Hanging terrariums are easily available at Nurseries and garden shops. These can be perfect for small plants. Or you can make or buy colorful macramé hangers for clay pots of various sizes.

Indoor Vertical Garden Tips

A green wall or vertical garden with lush foliage can mesmerize anyone. But for proper growth and installation of such foliage you will have to buy a vertical garden kit especially designed for indoor use. These kits consist of a framework and containers. The kits are available in various sizes and styles you can choose as per your requirements. Homeowners can also create a good wall of plants or can make a vertical garden by building a crate “pyramid.”

Benefits of vertical gardens or green walls

Vertical gardens are just not beneficial but adding to all reimbursement which you get from plants many additional profits or bonus you get from vertical gardens like: firstly it is different from the regular style of growing plants. You are working in a new dimension of the available space.

Secondly ample amount of green area could be developed indoors even at places like apartments and small houses. It will freshen up the air around you and releases fresh air too.

They are the best home decor material; people always love to be surrounded by fresh green plants and colorful flowers. Plants give a fresh feel that to in indoors is an awesome experience for one coming home after a long working day.

Such benefits from vertical gardens are countless, but many other benefits which are unique of this style of gardening should also be noted like green walls are found most often in urban areas they are not just for beauty but logically they are placed there to reduce overall temperatures of the buildings. The plant surfaces however, due to the process of transpiration keep the temperature of the building low.

Living walls are particularly suitable for homes in cities, as they allow good use of available vertical surface areas. They are good in arid areas too, reason is water evaporation is lesser than the horizontal garden.

If you would think about vertical garden then you would realize that you can create your own ways for vertical gardens.

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